Sunday, August 21, 2016

Class 1

Today you will:
  • Learn the course policies for ESL 095:Mastering English Grammar
  • Get to know your instructor and classmates. 
  • Review present and past tense.
Class Today:
  • Introduction to the course
    • Attendance
    • Participation
    • Grading
    • Course Schedule
    • Using Blogspot
  • Course Schedule
  • Tips for success in this course
    • Attendance
    • Office Hours
    • Homework
    • Self study
    • Ask questions
  • Introduction to each other
  • Present and past tense warm-up
Next class: Continue present and past tense

1. Answer questions on this form. This is part of your class participation grade. I will not grade you for grammar.
2. Read and do the homework from the following pages. Yes, you have homework on the first day :)

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